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  • #193 Dave Collins & Jake Yocom-Piatt: Decred - A Hybrid Approach to Blockchain Governance July 26, 2017
    Dave Collins and Jake Yocom-Piatt join us to talk about Decred, a cryptocurrency which introduces an innovative system of community-based governance into its blockchain. Decred implements a hybrid Proof of Work and Proof of Stake system in which miners validate transactions, while users can vote on new features and upgrades to the protocol. This clever […]
  • Looking Back on the LTBCOIN Rewards Program July 24, 2017
    Hey Folks,Adam B. Levine here - With the BAT (basic attention token) in the news recently, I wanted to shed a little light on the end of the LTBCOIN Crypto Rewards Program, which many have correctly identified as effectively an unfunded early pioneer of the BAT concept, circa spring 2014.Along with Stephanie Murphy and Andreas […]
  • Announcing the LTB Network Partnership with Po.et July 24, 2017
    The Po.et Foundation and LTB Network are pleased to announce that 1% of the total POE token supply has been allocated to the holders of LTBCOIN in a first-of-kind token retiring event. Founded in 2014, LTBCOIN was the first token given to content creators and community members according to their contribution to the network. LTBCOIN […]
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