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  • #201 Matt Kerner: Microsoft's Coco Framework - The Holy Grail for Enterprise September 20, 2017
    Enterprise consortium blockchains have gained a lot of interest in recent months. And although we can see many applications for this particular type of network deployment, many questions remain to be answered before these systems can move to production. Issues related to scaling, network deployment, access controls and key management remain open at this point. […]
  • #200 Ciaran O'Leary: BlueYard - The Disruption of Venture Capital September 13, 2017
    In the past year, the first killer application of blockchain technology has emerged: venture funding. As blockchain-facilitated crowdfunding is disrupting venture capital at blistering speed, we are joined by Ciaran O'Leary, Founder and General Partner at BlueYard. BlueYard stands at the intersection of this transition. Structured as a traditional VC fund, its thesis focuses fully […]
  • #199 Peter Czaban: Polkadot - The Internet of Blockchain Networks September 5, 2017
    Scalability and interoperability are two of the main issues facing blockchain protocols today. In a future in which entire industries and economies rely on distributed technologies, it is unclear how blockchain networks will support massive amounts of data, and exchange transactions in a trusted way. Peter Czaban, co-founder of Polkadot, joins us as we dive […]
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