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It has been both exciting and inspirational , building a e-commerce platform and site for travelers of this ever expanding internet to land on. Kevin and I had one mission, take what we know as an absolute truth and bring tools of knowledge to those whom believe, as eloquently put by Bob Dylan “the times they are a changing”. We need to adapt to things all the time through our lives if it’s not adverse weather and global warming or being fortunate winners of the lottery. We all need to be cognoscente of calling audibles like Peyton Manning or we stick to the game plan for better or for worse. I lean to calling the audible and bob and weave through situations that become way more complicated then what they once seemed. I would rather answer to my own beliefs then follow those who’s agendas are forever taking us down to the “eve of destruction”. It should be of no secret that my passion for silver and gold coins and bullion was born out of changes brought forth through the impervious actions of the Obama administration. This administration has developed the power through its dangerous disregard of our fore fathers written law, the constitution of the united states.

I don’t understand the thought processes of the democratic party. I further cant believe the indignation of our republican party. Both who seem to oppose the ideas of the others for the sake of opposing. Not even disagree to disagree but to do at any expense to further their own agendas, and it being at the cost of the american people. When did we ever agree to letting this happen? When was it our intent to support a party who forces their agendas on us- instead to call foul and bring to justice those that break the trust of our american principals and what we stood for since the birth of our nation.

It seems all to simple to me however, I see the writing on the wall and the foregone conclusion that there needs to be something I can do to protect what I have worked for my entire life, a secure and safe way to survive through this governments momentum to our undeniable demise. What the government can do to our life savings¬†in a attempt to call for doing my “fair share” of digging them out of their own mistakes.

Wall street has become so large and looks more like a corrupt casino in cahoots with our government and big banks who control the currency we stood strong for decades. Dealing from a bad shut and its my responsibility to dig them out? I don’t think so. To think Social Security that has been so miss-managed, the big banks and institutions who have been given this power over currency, to turn corrupt in their responsibilities to guard against and hold true to the american people. I could go on and on about the day ATM’s go dark and banks close their doors, the pensions we deserve and other rites we have fought for, to be at risk of confiscation to governmental disastrous ways.

And now, back to what is my passion today, what Kevin and myself have decided to do, help those define their goals of wealth and help to protect their means of survival. You will read in our blogs and educate your self to ways you can learn to take action and protect what you have worked so hard to preserve.

What ever you do , where ever you go , make it a great day. And thanks for stopping by,

Mike Markham

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