Morgan Dollars

Morgan Dollars —the most popular silver dollar coins?

Morgan dollars that were minted from the years 1878 through 1904 (plus, later once again in 1921) just might be the most widely collected of all U.S. silver coins. Morgan dollars may even be more sought-after than the Peace dollar or Walking Liberty Half Dollar.

There are so many Morgan dollars available to collect, that Morgan appeals to a collector’s “hunt and gather” instinct. Morgan dollars are collected in a variety of ways. Most coin collectors who collect silver dollars like to collect Morgan dollars the traditional way: by obtaining one of each date and mintmark combination, which is not easy. Older collectors can remember that in the 1950s silver dollars were available at banks but too expensive to collect. A simpler approach that would be far less expensive would be to put together a collection that consists of the least expensive example of each of the different years of Morgan dollars. By doing this, you would have a complete year set without the focus on all the different mint marks of Morgan Dollars.

What are the varieties of Morgan Dollars that are most popular? One coin collecting guide book lists five different varieties of the Philadelphia-minted 1878 and another five varieties of the 1880-CC, which is the Carson City mint that so many collectors love to own coins from.

In fact, a third way to collect Morgan dollars would be to focus on Morgan dollars from the Carson City Mint. This type of coin collection would be made up of only 13 different coins: the mint years 1878 -1885 and 1889-1893. The only downside of collecting Morgan Dollars this way is that four of the dates (1879-CC, 1889-CC, 1892-CC, 1893-CC) are expensive to own in all the grades. Even the “common” dates of Carson City Morgan dollars are relatively expensive because of high demand. The good news is that this collection would feature the 1878-CC, with a mintage of 2,212,000 (the second highest mintage of the 13 dates, following only the 1890-CC (2,309,041).

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Morgan Dollar Values

5049791466_67f73ccab4_morgan-dollarThe Morgan Dollar was a dollar coin that was minted from 1878 to 1921. This was the first standard silver dollar minted since the previous design of The Seated Liberty Dollar. The Seated Liberty Dollar was stopped being made due to the Fourth Coinage Act. This act ended the free coining of silver. The Morgan Dollar is named for its designer George T Morgan. Mr. Morgan was the United States Mint Assistant Engraver.

The Morgan Dollar profiles a portrait portraying Liberty while the other side details an eagle with outstretched wings. There were actually two die that were cast for this coin. The first one had eight eagle tail feathers on it, but after some research, it was realized that it should have only had seven tail feathers on it. This unfortunately hasn’t made either mint more valuable than the other. The average uncirculated coin price will vary from approximately $ 41.00 to $ 100,000. The circulated coins range from approximately $ 24.00 to $ 25,000.

There are many factors that will determine the value of your coin. If it is used or circulated, this will lessen its worth. However, an uncirculated coin will have a higher value. All of the coins are made from 90% silver and 10% copper and they contain exactly 0.77344 troy ounces of silver. The average uncirculated Morgan Dollar has increased almost quadruple since 1970. Each coin has $ 20.88 worth of silver that it has been made with.

The Morgan D Dollars were produced with five mints. Philadelphia, which had no mark on it, Carson City Nevada which has “CC” mark on it, New Orleans has an “O” mark, Denver has “D” mark and San Francisco that has an “S” mark on it. The mint mark is on the back of the coin just below the wreath. The value that you will receive for your coin will vary and depend upon the condition and mint (if there is one) of your dollar.

One way to ensure that you get top pay for your coins is to keep them organized and in protective sheaths. Educating yourself on the coins will help protect your interests also. You never want to clean a coin. This will DE-value it and lessen the sale value for a collector. Learn how the coin market works. Coin collecting is a hobby that thousands of individuals love to do each day.

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Morgan Silver Dollar Content

The Morgan Silver Dollar is one of the most collected coins in history. This coin was first struck in 1878 by George T Morgan. The head of Lady Liberty is on the front or Obverse, the coin has 13 stars and the words E Pluribus Unum on it. The back or also known as the reverse side has a bald eagle with its wings spread. It sets upon a branch and arrows. This silver coin has “In God We Trust” above the head and around the rim it has “United States of America” separated by a star on either side on “One Dollar”.

Mr. Morgan studied under the instruction of The Royal Mint of London. He placed an M on both sides of the coin to claim his design. He did make some small changes to the design when it was re-minted in 1921. This Silver Dollar was the heaviest coin made since the Civil War. It contains 0.77344 ounces of Silver. It was consistently minted from 1878 to 1904, at that time the overmanned has exhausted its Silver bullion supply. The Pittman Act was enacted in 1918, recalling several million dollars in Silver to be melted. In 1921, the Morgan Silver Dollar was minted for one last year before the replacement by the Peace Silver Dollar.

The current melt value for a non mint mark coin is $ 23.87, this is based on the current spot price of $ 30.86 this value will change as Silver Prices change. A few of the most prized Morgan Silver Dollar coins are listed below:

* 1893 S Morgan Silver Dollar – Worth $ 502,000

* 1901 Morgan Silver Dollar – Worth $ 325,000

* 1889 CC Morgan Silver Dollar – Worth $ 300,000

* 1895 O Morgan Silver Dollar – Worth $ 225,000

* 1893 O Morgan Silver Dollar – Worth $ 205,000

* 1896 O Morgan Silver Dollar – Worth $ 172,000

* 1892 S Morgan Silver Dollar – Worth $ 170,000

* 1893 CC Morgan Silver Dollar – Worth $ 68,000

These prices are based on the coins being in great condition. The prices will vary to some degree as the market does. The Morgan Silver Dollar collector can find many allies that are seeking the rare coins. This market continues to grow and the demand for the minted coins will only increase. This can be a hobby, a job, or even a part-time adventure.

Are you looking for more information regarding Morgan Silver Dollars, while your there check out the Peace Dollar as well.

Silver Dollar Values

Whilst there have been comparable impressive dollar designs produced that year, the Schoolgirl pattern was one particular of the most notable.

The conclusion to make investments in silver is 1 of the most advantageous points you can do to safe a greater, stronger economic future for yourself and your loved ones. But now that you have manufactured that selection, what do you do?

Many persons start out with silver coins, which is a terrific investment. But how do you know how much your coins are worthy of? It is vital to know this so you can make the most knowledgeable choices attainable.

The value of your silver coins is dependent on distinctive factors, this sort of as the silver content material, the unique sort of coin it is, how a lot silver is currently offering for, and what the situation of the coins is. Here are some hints for figuring out how significantly your coins are worth:

Silver Content. Ordinarily, coins with increased silver contents are worth a lot more than people with significantly less. Silver Eagles, for instance, are remarkably sought immediately after mainly because they include a full ounce of silver.

Pre-1965 silver bucks have a ninety percent silver content material, which also helps make these attractive to traders. The composition of the coin is critical. For instance, silver dollar coins built in the 1970s only incorporate 40 % silver.

These varieties of coins will be worthy of very much significantly less to investors only because they internet significantly less refined silver. It is ideal to glimpse for silver dollar coins minted in or before 1964 or Silver Eagles.

Age and Rarity. When coins have a higher silver content material and are uncommon, these suggest more appeal for the investor. Early dollars, people minted in 1840 or previous to, are very much less typical and will market for hundreds of dollars.

Far more popular silver coins, like the Morgan Dollar minted amongst 1878 and 1904, are well worth $ 5 – $ 10 per coin, considerably more than encounter worth but significantly less than early dollars since of the higher availability.

Spot Appeal of Silver. If you are uncertain how substantially your silver coin is worthy of, you can at least identify how a lot the silver in the coin is worth. Often, dollar coins are value the cost of the refined silver they net when refined. Therefore, individuals with increased silver contents will be price a lot more.

Test recent silver charges in advance of buying or promoting silver coins.

Ailment of the coin. Circulated coins internet significantly less refined silver, so they are generally worth significantly less than uncirculated coins of the similar sort. Lower use as much as you can by minimizing managing and storing in an air-tight container.

What is the finest coin to make investments in? A single ounce coins are a protected investment, and they will be rather profitable as silver costs boost. A person ounce coins are stamped with the excess weight of the coin, rather of the dollar price.

It is straightforward to convert these to money, and as the need for silver grows, they will be price exponentially much more.

Junk silver coins are old US coins that incorporate silver. Up right up until 1965, US coins had been minted with a ninety% silver material. They are a wonderful way to make investments in silver but you must know a tiny about the diverse coins before buying them. This facts under should support you also calculate Silver Dollar Coin Values and other Junk Silver Charges

Silver Dollar Values are {determined|decided|established} by {market|marketplace|market place|industry|current market} {conditions|circumstances|situations|problems|ailments} {such|this kind of|these|these kinds of|this sort of} as scarcity, and the {condition|situation|problem|issue|affliction} of the coins. We have been {selling|promoting|marketing|offering} and {buying|purchasing|getting|acquiring|obtaining} gold and silver coins for {over|more than|above|about|around} {50|fifty} {years|many

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Peace Dollar

Peace Dollars

Peace dollars, one of the most popular coins around

If you’re a collector of silver or of any historic coin, then you’ll want to know all you can about the Peace Dollar. I love the history of Peace Dollars and am glad to have so many in my collection. I think you will to.

Here’s the story. The famous Peace Dollar silver coins were minted between 1921 and 1935 and are highly valued by collectors. The Peace Dollar silver coin bore an eagle standing on a rock is awash in rays of the sun, with the motto Peace on the rock the Eagle stands on.

The Peace Dollar reverse was designed by Anthony de Francisci, a famous designer. As the value of silver increase, the interest in the silver Peace Dollar continues to grow each day.

More on the history of these coins. Peace Dollars were created following World War I, the War to End All Wars, commemorating a time when Americans longed for a return of peace to their daily lives and hope for the future. Peace Dollars were first produced in 1921, and continued through 1928. At the time, the demand for silver coins was low and production was halted in 1928 and resumed for only a short time in 1934 and 1935.

There are rumors that several thousand silver Peace Dollars were minted in 1964 but were allegedly recovered and destroyed by the U.S. mint. This legend has never been confirmed. I think it’s partly because of its silver value but I believe it has more to do with the beauty of the coin, its relative scarcity in high mint state condition and its uniqueness as a coin during the time it was being actively produced by the U.S. Mint.

The Peace Silver Dollar is the last big US silver dollars to be minted of 90 percent silver for circulation. It only takes 24 date and mint mark combinations to build a complete set. To put together a complete collection of all mint marks is relatively inexpensive compared to Morgan Dollars. Another interesting way to collect the Silver Peace Dollar is by VAMs, varieties as defined by Leroy Van Allen and George Mallis in their in-depth research of Morgan Dollars and Peace dollars.

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